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We buy small to medium sized SaaS businesses and unlock growth through operational expertise.

Our approach

At Polychrome, we are operators at heart. We work hands-on with our portfolio companies to improve operations and optimize the four pillars of growth.


What is the target customer definition to get to the milestone?


What changes need to be made to the product to acquire the target customer?

Pricing / Model

What is the right pricing model and ACV to get to the next milestone?


What are the 3 channels that fit this motion to run validation experiments on?

The Team

Greg Lazarus

10+ years as an operator at high-growth startups in SF and NYC. Most recently Greg was the Chief Revenue Officer at Returnly where he built the GTM function from the ground up and helped increase the company valuation 12x over the 3 years he was there. Prior to Returnly, Greg was one of the first employees at Optimizely where he built the SMB, MM, and Corporate sales teams on both the West and East Coast. During his time at Optimizely he helped revenue grow from $3 to $70 million.

Alex Boswell

Spent his early career in venture before moving into SaaS where Alex was one of the first members of the finance team at Twilio. Over 7.5 years, he grew into the Director of Business Operations and Strategy. Throughout that time his teams helped with or were responsible for Twilio’s financial metrics, pricing, opening new markets, multiple fundraising events including IPO, and several M&A transactions.

Matt Althauser

10+ years operating high-growth SaaS Startups. Most recently, Matt was the CRO/COO of Amplitude Analytics where he helped the company shift up-market to enterprise, grow headcount from 35 to 300 and increase valuation by more than 10X. Prior to Amplitude, Matt built out the original sales team at Optimizely and eventually became the GM for EMEA. During his time at the company, revenue grew from $200k-$70M.